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X-Ray Results


Welcome to Arc of Life!  When you come in you will be warmly greeted.  We are a family practice ( may see our kids from time to time) and have created a community and environment for your entire family to feel at home.

New Patient Experience

At Arc of Life we take a collaborative approach to your healthcare.  All of our providers work together to help you reach your health goals.  We thoroughly examine the painful area that brought you into our clinic and also evaluate other areas that may be compensating or effecting your painful spot.  We not only look at what is causing you pain, but we look at how to restore function so the pain does not comeback.  Because of the unique nature of our facility and our treatment programs we offer a “No-Cost, No-Obligation” Consultation in which you can learn more about us, and we can better understand your condition and healthcare goals.

Financial Policy

All co-payments, deductibles and non-covered services are required to be paid at the time of service. For your convenience, we do accept checks, cash, debit and credit cards.


Most insurances are honored including but not limited to WPS, WEA, HSM, Medicare, Medicaid, Alliance, Quartz, Magellan. When you come in for your initial visit we will verify your benefits for you.

If you do not have insurance or prefer to pay out of pocket that is not a problem. We have different affordable and easy payment options that enable whole families to get the care they need.

Nate Z.

Neck pain and lower back pain

I met Dr. Pichotta at a home show expo. He was providing free neck and back scanning and I wanted to get checked out because I was having some pain in my neck and lower back. Since then I have been a patient of Dr. Pichotta and my neck pain vanished under his care. He taught me great ways to stretch my neck to correct the curvature of my upper spine. I was still having some pain in my lower back muscles so he taught me how to stretch those as well if I experience any pain. The approach that Arc of Life takes is not just to adjust your bone structure but also to train the muscles for relief from pulling on the skeletal structure. Through this process I have been able to bike longer, play disc golf better, and feel great in the morning when I wake. The doctors also give great lifestyle advice on diet & exercise.”

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