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Superficial Dry Needling

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What is dry needling?

At Arc of Life we utilize a superficial dry needling technique that is minimally invasive and typically pain free as reported by our patients.  We use single use sterile monofilament acupuncture needles and insert them into the skin over tight muscle bands and trigger points without injecting anything into the body(dry).  The needle is inserted just a few millimeters into the subcutaneous tissue.  The body responds with a neurological reflex that decreases the tension and trigger points in the muscle.  Most patients report a significant decrease in pain immediately after a session.  Examples include knee pain, shoulder pain, TMJ pain, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, specific muscle pain, and chronic trigger points.

At your first session the doctor will discuss the areas that are causing you pain and will also answer all your questions and concerns about dry needling. 

Maureen B.

neck pain

"For the longest time I had neck pain in a certain spot that was a muscle.  I was seen by my PCP and was given muscle relaxers- Although it helped me sleep at night it did not take the pain away.  I mentioned this at my chiropractic appointment and was told that dry needling might help.  I wasn't sure about it but I tried it and it was the best decision ever!!  I haven't had pain since!!"

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