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The Full Story


Arc of Life was founded in 2007 by Dr. Kaili A. Richey..  She and her husband Dr. James J. Pichotta have grown the practice over the years by helping families adopt a holistic lifestyle while raising their 4 children in Madison, WI.  Arc of Life has expanded into a multidisciplinary practice including Chiropractic Doctors, Medical Doctors, and Physician Assistants.

Active Senior Couple
Active Senior Couple


Help and serve those who seek to improve their health, increase performance, and increase overall quality of life.  
To empower through education.  To help create a healthier place for our future generations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you move better, breathe better, function better every visit.
To help you live a lifestyle that first looks to the human
frame, nutrition, and lifestyle for the prevention of dis-ease.


Meet The Team

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Dr. James J. Pichotta, DC

Primary Chiropractor

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Dr. Kaili A. Richey, DC, DIBCN

Chiropractic Neurologist
Case Manager

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Physician Assistant
Physical & Regenerative Medicine

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Dr. Garrett. Cupples, MD

Medical Director

Meet the Team
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