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Dr. James J. Pichotta, DC

Primary Chiropractor


My Story

Dr. James Pichotta discovered the value of chiropractic while a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after struggling with the after effects of childhood, and sports-related injuries. Having experienced the kind of pain for which most patients consult us, Dr. Pichotta has empathy, compassion, and great certainty as to what can be accomplished through chiropractic care.

After graduating in 2006 from UW-Madison, Dr. Pichotta finished his training at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in the Twin Cities. Since then he has practiced in Madison, completed numerous wellness training programs, and enjoys teaching and lecturing on what is needed for each person to express their full health potential. Dr. Pichotta is current on the most up-to-date techniques available.

Originally from Wauwatosa, Dr. Pichotta now resides in Madison with his wife and four children. He enjoys the beauty and culture of the area, as well as the recreational opportunities the region provides. His hobbies include, downhill skiing, soccer, tennis, paddling, basketball, mountain biking, handball, and frisbee golf.   Dr. Pichotta has completed two marathons in Eagle River, Wisconsin and Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.

Dr. Pichotta looks forward to helping you regain and maintain a high level of health and wellness so that you can live the life that you love and deserve.

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