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About Your First Visit

Our new patient process is very thorough and is designed to evaluate the function of your whole body, not just your symptoms.  Our approach to evaluate the "whole" rather than focus on the "painful spot" is a solution and alternative to medication and surgery!


We break the initial process into two appointments. The first appointment is the Complimentary Consultation and then the Exam.  After your appointment the doctors will review your findings along with any special tests ordered.  The doctors will then discuss your findings and treatment options with the team of providers at Arc of Life.  The second appointment is the Report of Findings and recommendations on how to get you back doing the things you love.

Our "No-Cost, No-Obligation" Consultation

By combining a healthcare team consisting of Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Exercise Rehab Specialists, and others we are able to gain a collaborative approach to your care. At Arc of Life we strive to help our patients avoid surgery and regain their optimum function and quality of life. 


Because of the unique nature of our facility and our treatment programs we offer a “No-Cost, No-Obligation” Consultation in which you can learn more about us, and we can better understand your condition and healthcare goals. Your consultation will consist of: 


  • An explanation of our unique treatment protocol 

  • The ability for you to ask questions about your health related issues 

  • Tour of our facility 

  • A general opinion as to the ability of the services provided at this facility to possibly help you with your healthcare needs 

Average time of your first visit is 1-1.5 hours.


Once you have completed the "No-Cost, No-Obligation" Consultation and all your questions have been answered, and our doctors  feel you are a candidate for care, you will meet with one of our doctors for a thorough exam of your problem area that will extend into checking your overall function of your "whole body" to look for areas that may be adapting or causing your underline condition.  Tests may include posture study, range of motion study, along with orthopedic and neurological tests.  When necessary, digital X-ray studies or arthrograms will be preformed.

Average time of your first visit is 1-1.5 hours.

About Your
Second Visit & Report of Findings

After your initial evaluation and exams, the doctor will study your results and collaborate with our team of providers about the best treatment programs to help you reach your health goal.  On your second visit you will meet with the doctor to go over your report of findings and recommendations for care. 

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