About Your First Visit
Chiropractic Care


Our "No-Cost, No-Obligation" Consultation

Welcome to Arc of Life!  When you come in you will be warmly greeted.  We are a family practice (literally....you may see our kids from time to time) and have created a community and environment for your entire family to feel at home.

Because of the unique nature of our facility and our treatment programs we offer a “No-Cost, No-Obligation” Consultation in which you can learn more about us, and we can better understand your condition and healthcare goals. Your consultation will consist of: 


  • An explanation of our unique treatment protocol 

  • The ability for you to ask questions about your health related issues 

  • Tour of our facility 

  • A general opinion as to the ability of the services provided at this facility to possibly help you with your healthcare needs 


Once you have completed the "No-Cost, No-Obligation" Consultation and all your questions have been answered, and our doctors  feel you are a candidate for chiropractic care, a full examination by the treating Chiropractor will be performed.  

Your care will begin with a thorough review of your problem and new patient evaluation including posture study, range of motion study, along with orthopedic and neurological tests with one of our treating Chiropractors. When necessary, digital X-ray studies will be preformed.

After the full evaluation is completed, the treating Chiropractor will give you a report of findings and recommendations.

You may receive your first adjustment after your evaluation and recommendations.

Average time of your first visit is 1-1.5 hours.

About Your Second Visit

When you arrive on your second visit you will be greeted and given a typical visit tour which includes how to check in, the flow of your visit, and how to get ready for your adjustment.  The doctor will come in and re-evaluate you from your initial adjustment and will walk you through your second adjustment.  

Follow Ups

Your typical visits with your chiropractor will be quick and take just 5-15 minutes. You can come in, get your chiropractic adjustment and return to your busy day.